Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Magic

Title: The Christmas Magic
Category: Picture Book
Grades: 3-5 years
Author: Lauren Thompson
Illustrator: Jon J. Muth
Publisher: Scholastic
Date: 2009

In his little house, Santa prepares himself and his reindeer for the arrival of the Christmas magic.

This story is a lyrical and sweet depiction of a little old man who loves the children of the world. The illustrations are soft watercolor and pastel that lend a surreality and timeless, lonely feel to the pictures.  Young children will warm to Santa in his bare feet darning his socks or in his bunny slippers selecting their presents with care, and adults will appreciate the gentle and touching reminders of this old legend.  Detractors for some children may include the limited plot – the book is more descriptive than narrative – and Santa’s isolation.  The elves and workshop are not depicted, making Santa’s life seem slow, secluded, and quiet.  


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