Thursday, September 29, 2011

That's Not My Puppy

Title:               That’s Not My Puppy
Category:       Realistic
Grade:            Birth - 2
Author:          Fiona Watt
Rachel Wells
Date:               2009

In That's Not My Puppy, a young narrator examines several comical dogs in an attempt to find his (or her) own puppy.  The narrator decides each dog is not his because of a specific characteristic that is unlike his dog. 

Reminiscent of Pat the Bunny in its tactile variety, Not My Puppy far outshines its older brother with simple, bold illustrations and strong lines along with durable board pages and tightly secured "touch-me's" that can withstand infant abuse.  This book is a wonderful one for babies in their first year due to its colorful, high-contrast illustrations and simple, repetitive vocabulary.  The "touch-me's" featured on each page spread offer baby a wonderful variety for tactile exploration, and are sure to make this book a favorite.


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