Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where Is Baby's Belly Button?

Title:               Where is Baby’s Belly Button?
Category:       Concept
Grade:            Birth - 2
Author:          Karen Katz
Karen Katz
       Little Simon
Date:               2000

This sturdy, colorful book features a series of questions about baby's basic body parts with lift-the-flap "peek-a-boo" answers that encourage interaction.  For caregivers seeking to engage their infants, this little book can easily provide a springboard for plenty of tickles, "peek-a-boos," and basic body part identification. 

The illustrations are simple and colorful, featuring drawings of playful infant faces, and the heavy text is set in strong contrast to plain, brightly colored backgrounds.  Though the interactive flaps are made only of strong paper, the book is durable enough to stand up to reasonable infant handling and will make a playful addition to any baby's library.


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