Thursday, November 17, 2011


Title: Darke
Category: Fantasy
Grades: 5-10
Author: Angie Sage
Illustrator: Mark Zug
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books
Date: 2011
Pages: 622

The time has come for Septimus’s Darke Week, a frightening portion of apprenticeship in which he must embark on a special quest or project to teach him to balance the darker side of every wizard’s nature, and use Darke Magyk responsibly and carefully.  It comes just in time for Alther Mella has been Banished, and Septimus will journey to the Darke Halls to attempt to bring him back.  Unfortunately, other trouble is brewing; imposter Merrin Meredith has mastered the powers of the Two-Faced Ring and created a Darke Domain that is rapidly overtaking the castle.  If it is not stopped, soon it will devour the Wizard’s Tower and the town as well.  With Jenna, Beetle, and Simon Heap, who is determined to reform, Marcia Overstrand and Septimus must each use all their Magyk and skill to save their loved ones from the Darke.

Sage continues to be a fresh, innovative, and witty writer with intriguing plot ideas and strong, ongoing character development.  One of her darker installments to the series, Darke is nevertheless another vibrant, fast-paced read, full of the humor and action fans will have grown to love.  As always, Sage’s characters continue to surprise us with their changes of heart, their multifaceted personalities, and their true humanity even within the archetypal roles they often fulfill.  Another success in the Septimus Heap series.


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