Thursday, November 3, 2011


Title: Queste
Category: Fantasy
Grades: 4-9
Author: Angie Sage
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Date: 2008
Pages: 570

The vicious Tertius Fume, though only a ghost, still manages to cause mountains of trouble in this new epic by Sage. Forcing the dreaded Draw upon Septimus several years too early, he and his followers trick Septimus into accepting the Queste, an unlucky Draw that no Apprentice has ever before returned from.  Septimus finds himself on the search for Nicko and Snorri, who were lost in the past.  Together with Jenna and Beetle, he must brave the House of Foryx, encounter Hotep-Ra himself, and find Nicko before the House of Foryx can ensnare the trio forever.  Meanwhile, Merrin Meredith has discovered the Darke index, managed to gain control of DomDaniel’s Two-Faced Ring, and is desperately seeking a way to win his position and name back from Septimus Heap.

Sage continues to demonstrate true inspiration as she once again delivers an unexpected, original storyline with the characters fans know and love so well.  Perhaps topping her prior installment, Queste is a remarkable and unique adventure full of the interesting twists and turns, the humor, and the vibrant color Sage is known for.  Not unlike Rowling, Sage allows her characters to age and grow, and older readers who may not have cared for the younger heroes may have more empathy for Septimus as he enters the angsty teen years.  Sage also sets the stage for more installments in this delightful series.


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