Thursday, November 3, 2011


Title: Syren
Category: Fantasy
Grades: 4-9
Author: Angie Sage
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Date: 2009
Pages: 610 

Now a Senior Apprentice, Septimus returns to the Port to bring Jenna and the rest of their party back to the Castle.  Meanwhile, Aunt Zelda sends Wolf Boy on the quest to make him the new Keeper, one that will take him straight into the clutches of the Port Witch Coven.  When Spit Fyre is terribly injured, Septimus takes refuge on a small island where he runs afoul of the Syren, a vengeful spirit that has taken Possession of Syrah Syara, once the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice herself.  Syrah pleads with Septimus not only to help set her free, but to aid her in stopping the Syren and her cohorts, for together with a giant army of jinn, they are planning to take over the castle.

Perhaps not quite as strong a tale as Physik and Queste, Syren nonetheless is another unique addition to the Septimus Heap chronicles.  Sage has taken some time to deepen the relationship between Jenna and her father here, and also allowed Septimus to grow and mature.  She is adept at writing multiple storylines and weaving them together over both one book and the series as a whole, and it seems evident that she has a long-term outcome in mind which drives her writing.  The side line with Wolf Boy, along with the main plotline of the Syren and the jinn army were interesting and well-placed.  As with Flyte and even Physik, some small sections seemed slightly dry.  The depth of the story, however, will appeal to fans who are growing older with Septimus, and Syren is still a solid addition to the series that will not disappoint.


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