Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Good Day

Title: A Good Day
Category: Picture Book
Grades: 1-4 years
Author: Kevin Henkes
Illustrator: Kevin Henkes
Publisher: Greenwillow
Date: 2007

This fun little story introduces little ones to several animals, each with its own color and its own small problem.  They are having a very bad day.  In a turn of events, the animals each return with a simple solution, changing their day into a much better one. The end introduces a little girl who also has a great day as a result of the story's happenings. 

Bold, colorful illustrations and sweet animal faces make this book welcoming to toddlers.  Though the colors are softer than some toddler books, strong lines simplify the illustrations and make them friendlier than they otherwise might be.  The concept element of color is woven nicely into the simple plot, and all the animals get to make an appearance twice, creating a sense of repetition.  This book is available in both picture and board book format.


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