Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh No!

Title: Oh No!
Category: Picture Book
Grades: 2-4 years
Author: Keith Faulkner
Illustrator: Jonathan Lambert
Publisher: Schuster
Date: 1991

A simple, fun, and interactive story, Oh No! follows the nighttime adventures of a boy exploring his attic.  On each page, he investigates some long-forgotten treasure and finds all sorts of unlikely surprises from a genie to a dinosaur. 

Catchy rhymes and gigantic fold out flaps make this a great read for preschoolers.  The book will appeal to their growing sense of humor and allow them to become immersed in the boy's adventures by unfolding each of the different boxes, cupboards, letters and bins  Since the rhymes tie in with the discovery element of the book, preschoolers can fill in the final rhymes with the right word and then open up the flaps to see if they were right, adding an educational component to the story.  The illustrations are bold and clear, set on stark black pages.  While the illustrations of the boy are done in a cartoon-style drawing, the fold outs are gigantic, colorful paintings, reminiscent of Eric Carle that will make youngsters want to open them again and again. 


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