Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Title: Uh-Oh
Category: Picture Book
Grades: 1-3 years
Author: Rachel Isadora
Illustrator: Rachel Isadora
Publisher: Harcourt
Date: 2008

A book done in phrases rather than in sentences, this story follows an unnamed young toddler through a very busy, very messy day.  Each page presents a familiar scene from a toddler's day described by one or two words.  The following page depicts the resulting accident or mess this young boy has created and repeats "Uh-oh!" 

Parents and caregivers will enjoy talking through this story with their toddlers.  Toddlers will enjoy the familiar experiences and the repetition, and chime right in with their own "Uh-oh!" by the end of the book. African-American parents will particularly appreciate this book, as all the primary characters portrayed are Black; it can serve as a nice multicultural introduction for other families.  The artwork is both colorful and realistic, entirely appropriate for the subject matter of the book and for the twos age group.  Twos will also appreciate the overt humor of the many "uh-oh" scenes and the youngster's frank enjoyment at making a mess.


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