Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Haircut Today!

Title: No Haircut Today!
Category: Picture Book
Grades: 1-3 years
Author: Elivia Savdier
Illustrator: Elivia Savdier
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
Date: 2005

No Haircut Today explores little Dominic's unruly hair and his fear of getting it cut.  His mom cuts hair, but when she tries to cut Dominic's, he throws a fit.  He worries that his mother is mad at him, but she reassures him, and the book ends on a positive note. 

Toddlers can relate to the familiar experiences of haircuts and angry parents.  Illustrations are cartoonish in nature, but big and simple to appeal to twos.  The text in this book is particularly appealing, varying in shape, size and style to help attune pre-literate eyes to the meanings of sentences.  Toddlers will enjoy this simple story with many familiar elements and may enjoy discussing the idea that parents still love them even when they are scared or bad.


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