Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Title: Barnyard Banter
Category: Picture Book
Grades: 1-3 years
Author: Denise Fleming
Illustrator: Denise Fleming
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Date: 1994

Barnyard Banter is a raucous romp through the farm, with animals making their appearances and then some of their favorite sounds.  Toddlers visit the animals through rhyming couplets that add up to a gigantic chorus of onomatopoeia.  But Goose is missing, and twos will enjoy discovering him in the very final pages. 

An easily interactive book perfect for toddlers, Barnyard Banter allows readers to meet several familiar animals and maybe a few new ones like pigeons and peacocks.  The rhymes and animal noises will keep toddlers coming back.  Illustrations are slightly abstract, but not so much as to deter small ones, and are saturated with bright colors and rich textures sure to draw twos in.


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