Thursday, July 21, 2011

Article: "Safety in a Digital Environment"

Title:               Safety in a Digital Environment
Category:       Article
Grade:            Adult
Author:          Marjorie Pappas
Illustrator:      N/A
Publisher:       School Library Media Activities Monthly
Date:               December, 2004, v. 21(4)
Pages:             2

This article overviews both the lure and the challenges posed by children’s use of the Internet.  Pappas focuses on strategies librarians can use to keep children safe on the Web and to educate and inform other adults in the children’s sphere of influence, such as establishing gaming clubs at school and holding critical discussions with students about specific video games.  It also provides a list of websites for parents and teachers with Internet Safety resources. 

Though briefer than I would have liked, it contains several valuable suggestions and resources, and is useful to have on file.


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