Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lon Po Po

Title:               Lon Po Po
Category:       Picture book
Grade:            K - 4
Author:          Ed Young
Illustrator:      Ed Young
Publisher:       Philomel
Date:               1989
Pages:             32

A hungry wolf comes to the door of three girls staying home alone and tricks them into letting him in.  When they discover who he is, they hatch a clever plot to get away and then to bring about his demise in this Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Parents may appreciate that, unlike their American counterpart, the heroines were not foolish or disobedient, and children will find their clever outwitting of the wolf appealing.  Small children may be disturbed by the repeated attempts to dash the wolf to pieces.  A fresh (for American children) and intriguing variant of a well-known tale.


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