Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Many Moons

Title:               Many Moons
Category:       Picture Book
Grade:            K - 3
Author:          James Thurber
Illustrator:      Louis Slobodkin
Publisher:       Harcourt
Date:               1943
Pages:             32

Princess Lenore is very ill and insists that she must have the moon in order to get well.  The king asks his various advisors who all insist the task is impossible.  The court jester however, has a solution.  To each person, the moon is different, but to Princess Lenore, it is smaller than a thumbnail and made of gold.  After a moon is created just for her, the king and the jester must find a way to keep her from being disappointed when the true moon appears again in the evening sky. 

The story is sweet and has many elements common to children’s and fairy tales.  The wisdom of the overlooked such as the jester and the child is a prominent theme – a nice read-aloud for bedtime or story hour.


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