Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lilly's Big Day

Title:               Lilly’s Big Day
Category:       Audio Book, Picture Book
Grade:            K - 3
Author:          Kevin Henkes
Narrator:       Laura Hamilton
Publisher:       Live Oak Media
Date:               2007
Pages:             32

Lilly of the purple plastic purse returns for another hilarious adventure.  Mr. Slinger, Lilly’s teacher, is getting married and Lilly is sure she will make the perfect flower girl.  Unfortunately, Mr. Slinger’s niece, Ginger, already has the job, but Mr. Slinger invites Lilly to be Ginger’s assistant backstage.  Lilly agrees reluctantly, but when Ginger is attacked by last-minute stage fright, Lilly must come up with a plan to save the day…and the wedding. 

Laura Hamilton read at a clear, easy-to-follow pace, with background music and effects that suited the story without overwhelming it.  She did a particularly nice job characterizing the different personages in the story, making Lilly and her friends come to life.


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