Thursday, July 21, 2011

Web Site: Age of the Dinosaurs

Title:               Age of the Dinosaurs
Category:       Web site
Grade:            4-10
Author:          N/A
Illustrator:      N/A
Publisher:       BBC
Date:               2011
Pages:             N/A

This portal page actually links to several sections of the website featuring different areas of paleontology.  The dinosaurs section explores theories and fossil evidence to suggest what the dinosaurs were like, their habits, their environment, and ultimately the changes that caused them to die out. 

While this site was promoted by ALSC, I was disappointed in it overall.  It appears to have enormous amounts of information, but often interesting features like videos are not available in the U.S.  Links frequently take users out of the dinosaur area into other areas of the BBC site and may not provide a simple way back.  While there is actually quite a bit of helpful information, it is often buried in the maze of navigation and not immediately obvious or accessible.  So while this might be a recommendation for a true dinosaur fanatic in middle or high school, I can’t honestly say that it would be my starting point for elementary students.


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