Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caddie Woodlawn

Title:               Caddie Woodlawn
Category:       Juvenile
Grade:            2 - 5
Author:          Carol Ryrie Brink
Illustrator:      N/A
Publisher:       Simon & Schuster
Date:               1935
Pages:             275

Whether it’s pulling pranks on fancy cousin Annabelle or riding through the snow to warn the friendly local Indians of a coming attack on their tribe, redhaired pioneer girl Caddie Woodlawn is always in one scrape or another.  Readers will journey with Caddie through a series of vignettes from losing her dog Nero to watching the local school teacher deal with a band of bullies.  And though Caddie steadfastly refuses to learn to be a lady, as time goes by she begins to discover what it means to grow into being a woman. 

Based closely on the true stories of the author’s grandmother, Caddie’s tale is an authentic picture of pioneer life and a captivating, colorful read.  Readers who enjoyed Little House on the Prairie and Sarah, Plain and Tall will especially enjoy it.


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