Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Castle Corona

Title:               The Castle Corona
Category:       Audio Book
Grade:            3 - 7
Author:          Sharon Creech
Narrator:       Jennifer Wiltsie
Publisher:       Recorded Books
Date:               2007
Pages:             336

On one end of town, Pia and Enzio live in squalor, serving a cantankerous master.  On the other end, the spoiled royal family chafes in restrictive idleness.  Then rumors of a thief set the royals on edge, and the twins find a mysterious pouch in the woods.  They are taken by soldiers and forced to become the tasters for the king, because the wordsmith has hinted that someone is trying to poison him. 

This audiobook got off to a slow start, both in the story and in the narration, but once it was well underway, became a fascinating and complex little mystery, almost worth the questions still left at the end.  The narration began rather flat and slow, but picked up nicely also; the narrator develolps her character voices to the point that it was easy to forget she was telling the tale.  Mixed reviews on the story; it feels like a tale well suited to an audio rendition, but after listening, I would like to go back and read it instead.


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