Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arty Facts: Animals & Art Activities

Title:               Arty Facts: Animals & Art Activities
Category:       Nonfiction, How-To
Grade:            2-6
Author:          Janet Sacks, Polly Goodman & Steve Parker
Illustrator:      N/A
Publisher:       Crabtree
Date:               2002
Pages:             48

Some of the best craft books I have seen for upper elementary children, these books specialize in art projects that deal with science concepts.  The left side of each double-page spread highlights an animal or animal kingdom feature such as coat patterns, and gives information and photos or illustrations about it.  The right side contains illustrated directions for a craft related to the concept introduced along with a finished example.

The crafts are eye-catching, appealing and challenging enough to keep upper elementary kids busy, but not so difficult that they require a lot of extra assistance or would become frustrating.  The crafts are also diverse, ranging from paintings to masks to sculpture and jewelry, and use a wide variety of media to tap the creativity of budding artists.  Though they could keep a child busy on a rainy day, many would be suitable for science projects or reports as well.


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