Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Title:               The Cat Who Went to Heaven
Category:       Juvenile
Grade:            2-5
Author:          Elizabeth Coatsworth
Illustrator:      Lynd Ward
Publisher:       Simon & Schuster
Date:               1930
Pages:             62

This sweet tale tells the story of a poor Japanese painter commissioned to create a work of art for the Buddhist temple.  Consumed with his work, his constant companion becomes the little white cat brought home by his housekeeper and named “Good Fortune.”  The cat is as fascinated with the painting as the artist, yet seems increasingly disturbed as many animals are included in the work…but no cats for the cat turned its back upon the god in history.  Yet perhaps this little cat with her sweetness, devotion and piety will bring both good fortune to her master and a blessing to all cats. 

A classic little tale, sensitive and charming and suitable for a longer read-aloud, its lyric quality is reminiscent of The Little Prince and is sure to be a favorite in spite of its age.


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