Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phineas & Ferb “Wizard of Odd”

Title:               Phineas & Ferb “Wizard of Odd”
Category:       Television
Grade:            2-6
Author:          N/A
Illustrator:      N/A
Publisher:       Walt Disney Company
Date:               2010
Pages:             N/A

A parody of Wizard of Oz, in which Phineas and Ferb build a contraption that spins Candace off to the Land of Odd.  She must follow the yellow brick sidewalk, meeting a colorful array of characters along the way, to find the Wizard of Odd in hopes that he can send her home.

A first watch of this show left impressions of mindless randomness; however “Wizard of Odd” actually managed it’s proclamation of“something for everyone.”  Although the show contains multiple running jokes and gags that make little sense to newcomers, and a formulaic plotline, the characters are funny and entertaining. In particular, this cartoon is set apart from other current shows because its characters are not stupid, crass, or gratuitously mean and degrading to one another.  While it appears to lack the depth and humor of some older shows of similar genre, it is a standout among today’s programs that will amuse children and may set their parents’ television concerns at ease.


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