Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reaching for Sun

Title:               Reaching for Sun
Category:       Juvenile
Grade:            6-10
Author:          Tracie Vaughn Zimmer
Illustrator:      N/A
Publisher:       Bloomsbury
Date:               2007
Pages:             180

Josie is trapped in a body that does not obey her well.  Cerebral palsy makes words difficult and causes most of her peers to believe her retarded.  Science-minded Jordan, the rich new boy from behind the farm, does not seem to notice her differences though.  His friendship becomes the lifeline that helps Josie to accept herself.  And when her grandmother suffers a serious stroke, Josie must come to terms with her often-absent mother. 

The sparse language of free verse is quite fitting as Josie’s voice, and she shines through as a “regular” kid behind her disability.  The story was nicely told if slightly predictable, but would definitely be a recommendation for pre-teen or young teen girls.


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