Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nim’s Island

Title:               Nim’s Island
Category:       DVD
Grade:            2-5
Author:          N/A
Rating:           PG
Publisher:       Selkie Productions/Twentieth Century Fox
Date:               2008
Pages:             N/A

Nim has grown up on her secret island with only her scientist father and the native animals for company.  When Nim’s father is lost at sea, and Nim gets hurt, she reaches out to her favorite adventurer, Alex Rover, for help.  She persuades him to come to the island, but is disappointed to discover when “he” arrives, that he is actually an agoraphobic female author.  Together, they must overcome their obstacles to find Nim’s father and save the island from intruders. 

Glaring inconsistencies along with some gratuitous gags throughout the plot and setting push this movie into the “children’s” category as opposed to the “family” category.  It was cute enough in itself, but likely one of those movies adults sit through as oppose to enjoy.


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