Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moo Cow Kaboom!

Title:               Moo Cow Kaboom!
Category:       Audio Book, Picture Book
Grade:            PreK - 2
Author:          Thacher Hurd
Narrator:       John Beach
Publisher:       Live Oak Media
Date:               2006
Pages:             32

This audiobook packet contains both a picture book and the accompanying CD, which has two tracks.  One contains the story with page turn signals, while the other does not have the signals.  The story is about Moo Cow who is cownapped from her Earth home by Alien Zork.  He attempts to ride her in an alien rodeo.  When she bucks him off, she is declared too wild for the aliens and is sent home. 

The story will appeal to any who particularly love the zany and absurd.  It is well-told with humorous background sound effects.  I thought the pace was a little slow, particularly at the page breaks, and was confused at one point when the narrator read signs that appeared in the picture in between the text narration, but overall enjoyed the book and the audio.  I would definitely recommend it for younger boys who like space aliens.


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