Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Boy in the Garden

Title:               The Boy in the Garden
Category:       Picture book
Age Range:    K-3
Author:          Allen Say
Illustrator:      Allen Say
Publisher:       Houghton Mifflin
Date:               2010
Pages:             32

Opening with the Japanese legend of a grateful crane, the story soon follows little Jiro on a visit with his father to see Mr. Ozu.  Jiro sees a beautiful crane in the garden.  Attempting to capture it, he realizes it is only a statue and his father and Mr. Ozu have a good laugh over his mistake.  Embarrassed, Jiro runs away and finds a teahouse in the woods.  Believing it is the house from the legend, Jiro enters and the events of the legend begin to unfold.  When his father wakes him, Jiro realizes it was just a dream. 

A beautifully told story that both shares and renews the old tale.  The illustrations were lovely, and I particularly appreciated the Japanese culture revealed in the story.


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