Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jungle Drums

Title:               Jungle Drums
Category:       Picture book
Age Range:    K-3
Author:          Graeme Base
Illustrator:      Graeme Base
Publisher:       Harry N. Abrams
Date:               2004
Pages:             32

Jungle Drums is the story of Ngiri, a young warthog who wishes he were bigger and more handsome like the Other Animals across the river.  A mysterious wildebeest and a magic set of drums grants his wishes, but not in the way he expected!  Ngiri and his pals ultimately discover the way they were born is the best way to be in this charming and colorful tale.    

Remarkable illustrator Graeme Base does not disappoint in this newer addition to his collected works.  Hidden pictures and extra puzzles in each illustration spread will ensure readers return to the pages again and again.


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