Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Naming Liberty

Title:               Naming Liberty
Category:       Picture book
Grade:            3-6
Author:          Jane Yolen
Illustrator:      Jim Burke
Publisher:       Philomel
Date:               2008
Pages:             32

Naming Liberty is the parallel story of the statue of Lady Liberty in the New York Harbour and young Gitl, immigrating to America from Russia.  Fiction and nonfiction run side by side as Gitl travels across the ocean much as the statue did many years before. Frédéric Bartholdi travels, plans and raises money to gift America with a monument to freedom that many years later will welcome Gitl to her new home and her new name, Liberty. 

Two fairly well-told tales together in the same book; however, the vocabulary and the parallelism make this a better choice for more experienced readers.  Teachers of elementary grades may also appreciate this book for the history of one of the most famous landmarks of the U.S.


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