Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day

Title:               Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day
Category:       Early Reader
Grade:            1-3
Author:          Kate McMullan
Illustrator:      R.W. Alley
Publisher:       Dial Books for Young Readers
Date:               2009
Pages:             40

An easy-read first chapter book, One Funny Day follows Wagner’s hapless misadventures on April Fool’s Day.  From being the victim of many pranks, to discovering several unpleasant things (like the math test) are not jokes, Wagner is having a really bad day…until he comes up with a prank that will be sure to give him the last laugh. 

A cute story with a little surprise at the end, this book may please early readers venturing into books on their own.  It suits its purpose well, but carries a whiff of “educational basal reader” to it that may deter a broader audience.


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