Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tickly Octopus

Title:               Tickly Octopus
Category:       Picture book
Age Range:    PreK-2
Author:          Ruth Galloway
Illustrator:      Ruth Galloway
Publisher:       Tiger Tales
Date:               2007
Pages:             32

The silly tale of an octopus who likes to use his arms for tickling anyone within reach.  When his mischief causes Oyster to lose her pearl, Octopus must set out on a quest into the deepest parts of the ocean to find it.  During his travels, Octopus discovers tickling is not the only thing he is good at, and he returns home more balanced to share his many talents. 

A fun bedtime or anytime story that young readers will probably like, especially fans of Finding Nemo., although older children may find it a touch superficial.


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